Are you looking for help for your teen who struggles with depression, anxiety, or has issues at school or at home?  Ridge Meadows Counselling can provide the support and guidance you and your teen are looking for.  

What to expect:

For the first visit, I will ask the parent(s)/ caregiver(s) to come to the session with the teen.  After this initial session, the teen is free to come on their own if they want to.  The first session will include some basic paperwork and we will establish whether the teen is determined to be a mature minor.  Mature minor basically means that although the teen is not of the age of majority (which is 19 in BC) they are mature enough to understand the concepts of confidentiality and can be responsible to book and arrive at their own sessions.  We will decide together how much the parents will be involved in the treatment process.

What if my teen won’t talk?

Teens are notorious for giving one-word answers.  I have many art materials, games and activities which I have found helpful.  I found that if they are given the opportunity to speak their mind, are listened to, and are not pressured, they tend to open up.  I have had four teen girls of my own, so I understand!

What will the school think if I pull my teen from school? I don’t want them to label my teen!

Most schools and teachers are pleased to know you are being pro-active in finding your youth some help.  You are the one who decides what to tell the teachers and school. 

How long will it take?

I ask that youth attend four to six times to start with.  During that time, I will have a good sense of them and the issues.  We will evaluate together and make decisions together on their progress and further goals.

What types of problems do you see in youth?

I have worked with teens with a full range of problems including behavior issues, anger management, anxiety, depression and grief.  I have also worked with those with special needs.

What do I do now?

Now that you have some basic information.  Please talk it over with your youth and give me a call:

Mary Stanwood, MA, BCAT-R, RCC
Ridge Meadows Counselling