The weather is finally clearing up and I am thinking about gardening.  I don’t have much of a green thumb but I do enjoy digging in the earth.  There is nothing like digging to clear the mind and soul and ground a person. I enjoy all of it – the smells, the sounds, and the sore knees.

I don’t tend to wear gardening gloves unless the gardening involves prickly plants.  I enjoy getting dirty hands and having to scrub my nails afterwards.

I have tried to involve my children at a young age.  It is so good for them!  The fresh air, the feeling of accomplishment when things grow, and getting a bit of exercise.

Gardening with parent’s or caregivers can be a great time of connection and learning.  Children may not always do it the way you want but they may come up with creative ideas of where to plant vegetables, which flowers to put together, and how to incorporate other gardening items such as signs, walkways, or figurines.  One of my daughters decided to make patterns with the seeds – that is, on each row she’d plant a bean seed, carrot seed, then a pea seed!   I didn’t realize it until she showed me the finished product.  It made for an interesting harvest experience.

I encourage you to try gardening with your child.  Take off the gloves, give them a few pointers, and enjoy the time spent together over this new season.

Mary Stanwood

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