Some policies include important information to have before attending the first session. If there are any questions regarding these policies please contact me and we can discuss your

  • The first session is called the Intake. If a child/youth is the one needing the counselling I will ask the parent/guardian to come to the Intake WITHOUT THE CHILD/YOUTH.
  • If the youth is above age 15, we together will determine if they should be considered “a mature minor” which essentially gives more power to them and they would be the ones I contact when needing to rebook.
  • If we decide the youth is a mature minor (which we will decide during the initial phone consultation) they can then attend the intake if the parent wishes them to.
  • If you are booking further sessions you need to have the sessions booked in the child or youth’s name. If the session is booked in the parent/caregiver’s name I assume the caregiver will be the one in attendance – this is generally called a “Parent Update Meeting” in the booking system.
  • The initial phone contact is where I will ask some basic background information including what the main issue is that you desire to be worked on. THIS IS A FREE 15 MINUTE CONSULTAION. If we determine it will need more time we will then book an appointment. THIS APPOINTMENT WILL BE CHARGED AT THE REGULAR RATE.
  • Further sessions can generally be booked by using the Jane Booking System or I can book them for you – with a few exceptions.
  • If I have not seen the child/youth for three months then we will need to book a parent meeting to discuss any changes. THIS WILL BE CHAGED AT THE REGULAR RATE unless otherwise determined by myself.