People say that I am a very kind person.  I have spent a lot of time working with seniors, developmentally delayed adults, and children.  My husband says I am “the child whisperer.”  I think he means that I take the time to listen to and understand children and make them feel comfortable. 

People also say that I am very blunt.  I am not sure if this is always a good thing – okay, I know it isn’t –  but it is how I am.

People say that I question a lot.  My children ask me “why are you asking so many questions?”  I am curious, that’s why.  I am curious why people act the way they do.  I am curious why people say or think the way they do.  So, I ask a lot of questions.

I like to research.  I want to know what research says on topics, and what are the pros and cons of doing things a certain way, and what do other people think?

I am a “doer”.  This means that I do not hesitate (much).  I have a “go and do” attitude instead of a “wait and see” attitude.  This means I have my hands in many pots.

I have an unusual sense of humour.  I tend to find humour in most situations.  Judge for yourself! 

Why am I writing this blog?  Because I am also opinionated!  I am kind, blunt, and curious.  I like to research, like to “do,” have a sense of humour and am opinionated. 

These blog posts will be based upon my opinion, my reasoning, my questioning, and my research.  They will also be splattered with bluntness, and humour.

I hope they will lead you to question “why”, to a place of curiosity, and humour.

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