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Mary Stanwood
Counsellor - Art Therapist

Working with children, youth, parents and families in Maple Ridge

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Child and Family Counselling  

 Are you looking for help to deal with your child’s behaviour or emotions?  Are you confused regarding their actions or reactions?  Do you think you perhaps are a “bad parent?” Help is only a phone call away!

 As a  child and family counsellor I help parents, youth, and children find answers and experience hope.   

Entering into child or family therapy can be a scary experience.  But congratulations!  You have made the first step towards health and healing – the first step towards hope. 

I am excited to take these first steps with you.  

Please call and let’s walk this path together. 

Counselling for those who are otherly-abled (including those with Autism and general developmental delays) 

Are you looking for a counsellor who understands the uniqueness of your needs or the special needs of your loved ones?  Do you wish for something besides Applied Behavioural Analysis to help deal with emotions, thought and behaviours?

Then you have come to the right place!

I have worked with those with special needs or developmentally delays for many years. My experience includes working with those who have autism, Fragile-X syndrome, Down Syndrome, brain injury, Cerebral Palsy, those who are non-verbal, and many otherly-abled individuals.

Organisations I have worked with include  L’Arche, Spectrum Society for Community Living, and Fraser Valley Association for Community Living.

I provide a safe, warm and understanding environment for people who are otherly-abled to express themselves and deal with  issues such as self-expression, depression, anger management, and anxiety.

The main treatment approaches I use includes Play Therapy, Art Therapy and SandTray Therapy. (I do not use ABA).

For further information or to book an appointment please contact Mary Stanwood at

Ridge Meadows Counselling




I enjoy continually learning new things. This list includes the variety of additional training and workshops that I have attended, plus presentations I have done and a chapter I have published. 

Training and Workshops 

Play Therapy in Preschools – Jan. 2019 (3 education credit hours)

Concurrent Disorders – Nov. 2018

Trauma-Informed CBT – May/June 2018

Privacy and Information Sharing: Awareness Training for Contractors and Service Providers – May 2018

DC:0-5 Training workshop – May 2018

The Perpetual Preschool – 2016 (30 education credit hours)

  • Creating Learning Materials for Children 
  •  The Importance of Block Play, 
  • Observing and Recording the Development of Young Children,
  •  Creating Learning Mats

Expressive Therapies Summit; New York, NY, 2014 (18 education credit hours)

BCATA Conference, 2014 (6 education credit hours)

  • Puzzles, Mysteries and Paradoxes
  • Completed 6 continuing education hours

CATA Conference, 2014 (7 education credit hours)

  • Fearless Expression
  •  Opening Doors for Learning,
  • Spiritual Development, Peace of Mind
  • Community Art, Recycled Art,
  • Restarting Peace

Center for Expressive Therapy; Parksville, BC, 2010 (48 education credit hours – levels 1 and 2)

Sand Pray Therapy

  • A healing Journey for All ages
  • Images of Healing in Sand Pray Therapy

Center for Expressive Therapy; Parksville, BC, 2008 (24 education credit hours)

  • Expressive Play Therapy: A Holistic and Integrative Approaches

International Society for Child and Play Therapy; Vancouver, BC, 1998 (12 education credit hours)

  • The Creations and Therapeutic Application of Puppets in Therapy with Children (parts 1 & 2)
  •  Jungian Sandplay Therapy,
  • Anoxeria and Bulimia: The Silent Scream for Help

Canadian Play Therapy Conference; Vancouver, BC, 1996 (12 education credit hours)

  • Nature Oriented Psychotherapy,
  • Conducting a Successful Children’s Group,
  • The use of the Dollhouse in Child Psychotherapy, Endings
  •  Goodbyes in a Child’s Life and in the Therapeutic Process

Canadian Play Therapy Conference; Toronto, ON, 1995 (12 education credit hours)

  • Play in Different Cultures
  •  Theraplay
  • Colour Emotional Chart
  • Play Therapy, Creativity and Childhood Trauma

Silent Voice – ASL intermediate level, 1988

ASL – beginners level

Workshops Presented 

Ministry of Children and Family Development, Burnaby, BC, 2018 

  • Introduction to Art Therapy – Sept-Nov/2018

Expressive Arts Symposium; New York, NY, 2015 

  • Therapeutic Scrapbooking and Art Therapy: Making the Connection

BC Art Therapy Association Conference; Sydney, BC, 2014

  • Therapeutic Scrapbooking and Art Therapy: Making the Connection

Canadian Art Therapy Association Conference; Nelson, BC, 2014

  • Creating with the Creator: Art Therapy and Spirituality

Centennial Place; Mission, BC, 2014

  • Art Therapy and Mental Wellness

Vancouver Health Authority; Vancouver, BC, 2014

  • Art Therapy and Mental Wellness


Stanwood, M. (2014).  Creating with the Creator: Art Therapy and Spirituality. In Fehlner, J.  & Fehlner, W.  (Eds.). Art Therapy as an Instrument of Peace. Nelson, Canada: Peaceful View Publishing.


Ridge Meadows Counselling:

Mary Stanwood, MA, RCC

Ridge Meadows Counselling works with children, parents, and families. Mary provides therapy and counselling services either with the parents and child together, or separately.  The focus is on the needs of the individuals.   The structure depends upon these needs and goals.

My desire is to help parents, children, and families 

  • restore their hope
  • increase their communication,
  • develop their skills in emotional expression
  • learn behaviour regulation 

I’d love to hear from you and help you to experience hope in your life.

Contact me at 604-283-6318 to book your appointment. 

Ridge Meadows Counselling is located at 300-22420 Dewdney Trunk Rd., in  central Maple Ridge.


I have worked with children and families in a variety of capacities for over twenty-five years.
I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor as designated with the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors.
Therefore, most extended health plans will cover my services.
I also am a Professional Art Therapist as designated by the BC Art Therapy Association.

Yorkville University

Masters of Arts in Counselling Psychology

Vancouver Art Therapy Institute

Post-Bachelor Diploma in Art Therapy

Ryerson Polytechnic Unversity

Bachelor of Applied Arts in Early Childhood Education

Training and Experience

Art Therapy SandTray Therapy Play Therapy

Art is a great medium to use for self-expression, to increase emotional awareness, and is used to help a wide range of people. You do not have to be an artist to participate in Art Therapy. It works very well with children, youth, parents and individuals of all ages.
Sand Tray Therapy is a unique way to express your world. I have learned the wonders of this unique tool in therapy sessions for adults and children alike.
Play Therapy uses games, toys, puppets, doll houses, cars, and a variety of other toys to help children, youth, and even adults! It is a powerful way to explore behaviour and emotions.
+1 604 283 6318

300-22420 Dewdney Trunk Road, Maple Ridge, BC V2X 3J5

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